There’s got to be poetry – and cake

the word 'see' carved into wood.

Tom Speight has been helping out with planning Artful Ways and is super keen to get out and walk. We’re expecting him to make quite a few tracks to add to the map (there’s a challenge Tom!).

Here’s what Tom says:

I am Chair of the National Rural Touring Forum, which shouts about the glories of rural touring arts in village halls to anyone listening. I also chair the weekly Friday morning calls of the Cumbria Arts and Culture Network.

I want to do as many walks as possible in June and July. I want to walk in places that will provoke me to write a poem and ideally, there would be a slice of cake and a cup of tea at the end of each of my walks. I’d quite like to walk by the sea too. 

We’ll be keeping in touch with Tom throughout the Artful Ways month to find out where he wanders. And we will ask him to share his poetry with us. We’re not expecting any cake to be left over …

Click to find out more: The Rural Touring Forum; and Cumbria Arts and Culture Network (CACN). CACN inspired the original Artful Ways idea and continues to inspire!

Tom Speight image
Tom … ready for a walk

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