Whose Artful Way?

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Tina Borgia is Creative Director at MultiCultural Cumbria and is bubbling over with enthusiasm. Here’s a taste of her energy:

“I love this! I love the use of the word ‘way’ – which way? this way? that way? the other way? whose way? your way? her way? his way? my way? the high-way! way to go! I simply have to find some people to collaborate with me on a walk and poem, now!” 

Tina and Kat Prior at MultiCultural Cumbria are acting as ‘Gatekeepers’ for Artful Ways and are hatching plans for getting artful with people in Carlisle and further afield. It has been really exciting to hear some of their early ideas, including allotment walks and sharing a feast of Nepali food, or heading out to the felltops to dance.

Sometimes the word ‘culture’ in the context of Cumbria, and more specifically The Lake District, can be very narrowly defined and overlook the richness that comes from a diversity of national and religious backgrounds, and traditions of walking, meeting, and being creative. We’re looking forward to events with the community that is growing through Multicultural Cumbria, and finding out what’s created. If you’d like to find out more about Multicultural Cumbria, visit their website.

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