Our Local Patch

A woman walks with a dog along a path in a rural landscape.

The Artful Ways month is going to be a busy and fun month for us, with a series of walks. While we’ll be getting out and about around the county (including some group walks that are listed on the Events page) we’re going to be taking walks from our doorstep to connect with other creative people and places in the Kendal area. This feels like a perfect opportunity to reconnect with creative friends that we’ve not seen for more than a year, or only seen occasionally on zoom.

We live a short way outside town, so have to begin with a little uphill walk and then head down the hill into town. We’ll drop in to the studios of a glass-blower, a screen-printer and a painter, and then together we’ll walk to a gallery and a cinema. That’s a minimum – there’s so much in Kendal that once we start connecting with others, who knows where we might end up. Ideally, these will also involve a stop in a café and/or a pub. We will be making a day of it!

Harriet and Rob are leading Artful Ways. Their personal practice, somewhere nowhere, brings together photography, poetry, installation art and research.

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