Outside – after a strange summer

A woman stands on top of a hay bale wrapped in plastic in a field.

‘This is a photograph of me taken on the last sunny Sunday of 2020, enjoying my freedom after a very strange summer. 

As a carer for my grandma, I spent a lot of 2020 indoors. Spending so much time inside made me appreciate my local surroundings, and my freedom more than ever before. 

Many people are unable to leave their houses on their own, and carers and support workers often use creativity to help people connect with their environment. 

Whenever I leave my house, I look for ways I can make art and capture the experience whether that’s filming the swaying of the trees, photographing things I find interesting or drawing in nature to leave marks behind. There are endless artful ways we can experience the places around us and this project is a wonderful way of bringing them all together.’ 


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