New Commission Opportunity

A pin in a map of cumbria.

We’re looking for an imaginative artist! While Artful Ways invites everyone who takes part to make a track in Cumbria, and share a piece of creative work, this paid commission invites an artist to respond to the collective input to the project.

The Opportunity: ‘Artful Cumbria’

1 Commission with an award of £1500

What might you create as you reflect on a place that holds a huge variety of land- and urbanscapes and inspires a diversity of creative expression? You will be asked to consider the ‘artful ways’ that have been added to the map, the stories and images that have been shared by participants, and the way people have responded to the project’s 3 Artful questions. How would you like to interpret this? Might there be a cartographical element to your piece?

The commissioned work, chosen by a selection panel, will be given prime position in the exhibition. We would like it to become the project’s ‘signature piece’. We expect this piece to offer an imaginative representation of the diversity of creativity across the county, and to help to raise the profile of arts and creativity within Cumbria.

This opportunity is open to people currently living in Cumbria. The award of £1500 includes all costs associated with producing artwork ready for showing.

Deadline for Application: July 18, 2021.

There’s more about this opportunity on the ‘commissions’ page … and yes – we are very excited to see what can be imagined and created by the right artist!

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