Tracking a walk with the App for IOS (Apple)

cumbria map showing track of walk around grizedale

It’s reassuring to know that even people who see themselves as technical novices have found this App simple to use.

When we were researching Apps for Artful Ways the two fundamentals were ease-of-use, and free-to-use. And we’re super happy with the App that can be used on Apple phones. One of the people who joined the group walk in Grizedale Forest at the weekend said she couldn’t believe how easy it was: ‘I downloaded it, I pressed start, I walked, I finished, I pressed Save, and it worked! And it was easy to email the track.’

So that’s it: click start, walk, click save, and email, along with a message about your walk and your answers to any or all of the three questions.

It really is that easy. I (Harriet) wasn’t sure about using an app but I’ve found it completely hassle free, and if I’m honest, it’s a little bit addictive. There’s something really satisfying about seeing the pattern a walk makes. And this App even works in buildings and among trees, which is a bonus. And it works when there’s no 4G connection (although you will need 4G or Wifi to download it in the first place).

There’s a visual guide to using the ‘MyTracks App’ on the map page, or you can access it here:

If you visit the map, you’ll see new tracks appearing as people send them in. You can zoom in to see the details. Have fun!

Of the walks we’ve tracked, this one might be my favourite pattern so far. At one angle, it’s almost a love heart.

track of walk around Grizedale forest
A walk between sculptures in Grizedale Forest, tracked using ‘GPXTracker’

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