Hot News! Map stays open beyond July

A map of the UK with the artful ways icons in cumbria.

As we get closer to the end of July, new routes are coming in thick and fast – Artful Ways has gathered momentum and we know there’s a lot of people out there waiting for their window of opportunity to track a walk and to take part. So ….

… we’ve extended the deadline for submitting your route to the map!

If you want to take part, or you already have, and you have another idea or want to add another route, please do. Rob is doing a fine job adding tracks to the map, along with words and images that people are sharing, and is happy to carry on through August. Why not? Let’s make the map glow!!

Do note, however, that if you’re creating something inspired by your Artful Way, we’ll need to receive this (or a file with an image of a physical piece) by August 10th, so we can build the project gallery, and make plans for the exhibition (which we’ll be hanging on the Tullie House gallery walls in September).

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