Click on an icon to read more. Zoom in to see the tracks.

Blue tracks: group walks.

Pink tracks: Commissioned artists

Orange tracks: routes submitted by individuals

1 Make your own Artful Way and add it to the map by August 16th

  • Choose a route that takes in a cultural feature. It can be short or long; you may want to walk or wheel. You can go alone or in company.
  • Download the App to record your route, and Test it before you head out.
  • Make sure your phone/device is fully charged.
  • Press Start on the App when you begin your walk.
  • Take time to reflect along the way, to ponder 3 questions, and to get creative (more on that below).
  • When you’ve finished your walk, SAVE the track.


Click on the icon that suits your smartphone. If you already have an app or device that records GPX files, you can use this.

DOWNLOAD: My Tracks App for Android devices
DOWNLOAD: GPX Tracker for IOS Devices (iPhones)

2 Journey with 3 questions

Artful Ways has been woven around the themes of connections, creativity and place. While you walk, carry these three questions.

  • Creativity – What does creativity/culture mean to you?
  • Connectivity – Covid-19 has forced us all to reimagine ways to connect. What have you missed – and what new possibilities have opened up?
  • Place – How can we, collectively, and artfully, better care for our environment?

There’s more detail on choosing a walk here.

3 Send your recorded GPX track to us – we’ll add it to the map

As soon as you’ve finished mapping your route, name the track and save it as a GPX file.

Email the file to Mark your email ‘TRACK’. In your email, please write a few lines to describe your day to us and share thoughts prompted by the 3 questions, and send an image if you’d like to.

NB: No identifiable personal details will be linked with any of the tracks shown on the map.

Submit creative work for the website & exhibition: by August 16th

Whether you think of yourself as an artist or not … get creative and make something in response to your artful way. We’ll share your work on the website and it will be considered for inclusion in the Artful Ways exhibition, which launches at the prestigious Tullie House Museum and will then tour around Cumbria.

There’s more on submitting your piece of art here. Any media is ok, including visual, audio, written, filmed. You can make something on your own, or with your walking companion/s.

Download the visual guides for using the app:

map with pin