Click on an icon to read more. Zoom in to see the tracks.

Blue tracks: group walks.

Pink tracks: Commissioned artists

Orange tracks: routes submitted by individuals

Journeying with 3 questions

Artful Ways has been woven around the themes of connections, creativity and place. While walks were being made and tracked, participants carried these three questions.

  • Creativity – What does creativity/culture mean to you?
  • Connectivity – Covid-19 has forced us all to reimagine ways to connect. What have you missed – and what new possibilities have opened up?
  • Place – How can we, collectively, and artfully, better care for our environment?

When you click on an icon on the map, a box will open up and you can read people’s thoughts on these questions.

How the walks were tracked

To help people add their Artful Ways routes to the map, we recommended free Apps: behind the scenes, Rob has been adding the routes to the map. If you didn’t manage to take part over the summer but you’re curious about tracking your own walking routes, these are the Apps we recommended:

MyTracks for Android (download it here)

GPX Tracker for IOS/i-Phone (download it here)

map with pin