Alex Jakob Whitworth

Alex was commissioned to create the ‘Artful Cumbria’ piece – something that considers and responds to all the contributions made to the project map, and through the gallery. Meeting Alchemy is her response.

Part 1 – The Doorway

Part 2 – Cabinet of the Muse

A doorway placed into a gallery. The doorway is propped open and stands on a plinth that is covered in maps. through the doorway a cabinet is visible, and there are paintings on the wall.

The piece I created after sifting through all the responses to the Artful Ways project asks you to step into a (possibly) imaginary place. This is the Muse’s home, from where she helps us to be whom we would like to be. She has here, the ingredients of all that makes us human beings; she works to create balance yet is concerned that we are in danger of ruining our home. 

The piece which is in two parts, is a reflection of the submissions made as part of the Artful Ways project. I looked for commonalities (and found plenty), and pertinent narratives that connected with the stories shared. Some objects are inspired by the words people wrote, or the ideas they communicated, some are developments from a point they made – the next step as it were. 

Ultimately the piece is about hope, journeys and joining, and imagination. 

Without an audience, the piece is simply a collection of objects. I invite others to enter, pause and think, on Creativity, Connection and Place. Ideas beget ideas – connections beget connections – place anchors us all. And I invite visitors to mark on the maps that coat the door: a walk you have taken, or a place with meaning.

To find out more about Alex’s ‘Artful Cumbria’ work, visit her page here.

Artist Alex Jakob Whitworth looking at a selection of hand-titled bottles, in a gallery space.

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