Anne Banks

Anne walked along the Poetry Path in Kirkby Stephen. This route has proved a popular choice, yet for each person it has inspired a different response – and for Anne, who is a poet, poetry was the obvious way to go.

“I was thinking about the questions you asked … I think what struck me most on this walk was the way the poems added another dimension to an already layered landscape. The walk included a disused railway track, cutting through and blocking off sections of countryside, now farmed, once wildwood. Now the railway’s edges are softened by natural growth, trees, flowers, huge tracts of nettles etc. Buildings are derelict and crumbling The wildwood is returning. 

The words create a more rounded story, pointing up what we see, as well telling us more about the rhythm of life here from the heron fishing in the river to the farmer bringing in the cattle in to their winter shelter. 

Art enhances nature and history in this place, thus increasing our appreciation of it.”

One of the poetry stones – Meg Peacocke’s poetry carved into the stone by Pip Hall.

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