Rachel Capovila

Commissioned Artist: ‘My Artful Way’.

Rachel Capovila has a cross-disciplinary, process-led and socially engaged practice. She often explores memory and place, and uses her work as a way of finding the links that connect us all. Her practice encompasses film, photography, mixed media textiles and installation. Collaboration is also a key part to her practice, working with artists, collectives, communities and arts organisations on a broad spectrum of participatory projects.

Rachel is interested in how we view our community and wants to show that Barrow – her home town – is more than just another industrial town. 

“As probably one of the last generations of the steelworks era, and strongly identifying as a ‘Barrovian’, I seek opportunities to communicate and celebrate our town’s unique point of view.”

For her ‘My Artful Way’ commission, during the summer of 2021, Rachel made several trips to Piel Island, by ferry and by foot, and sought to engage with fellow pilgrims to celebrate being alive, and having the opportunity to reconnect after being in lockdown. The film she created for Artful Ways brings together experiences and perspectives from Piel Island, and is presented using two projectors side by side. One film shows the landscape and natural features, including seals and seabirds; the second shows the people and their interactions.

Two images placed side by side, in a still from a dual-projector film created by Rachel Capovila. The screen on the left shows Barrow peninsula where the land meets the sea; the screen on the right shows an expanse of wet sand, with Piel Island and the sea beyond.
‘Jaunt to Piel’ still from the film

To read more about Rachel’s journey, from concept, to walk, to ferry ride and to the film creation, head over to her page here.

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