Alex Jakob Whitworth

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Anne Waggot Knott

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A hand-sized basket woven with freshly picked rushes: the basket is green and there are some of the grass flower heads poking out. The basket is being held in the outstretched hand of Lorna Singleton, and the blurred background of grass and trees suggests she is in a field.

Lorna Singleton

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A group of people walking across walney sands.

Rachel Capovila

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A display of the replica clothes pinned to a line against a stone wall, at the beginning of Rosie Galloway Smith's Artful Way walk, at Shaddon Mill, with Dixon's chimney behind.

Rosie Galloway Smith

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In June 2021, 4 artists were chosen for the ‘My Artful Way’ commissions – Rachel Capovila (Barrow/Walney); Rosie Galloway-Smith (Carlisle); Lorna Singleton (Grizedale/Rusland); Anne Waggot Knott (Roaming the borders).

At the end of July, the ‘Artful Cumbria’ commission was awarded to Alex Jakob-Whitworth, to create work as a reflection on all the contributions to the project.