Mindful of the impact of Covid-19 and the unpredictability that is now part of social life, Artful Ways has been planned so that it is adaptable, and can accommodate personal or social restrictions. Participants may walk on their own – from A-to-B; or in pairs; or in small groups; or can take part through connecting virtually with one another.

For events and exhibitions the project team will be keeping up to date with local and government advice on social distancing and ensure that any events are held within guidelines.

Your own safety

Except during an organised event, the project team is unable to take responsibility for the safety of individual participants.

Please make sure that any walk you plan to do is a route that you consider to be within your personal capability, and that you have the equipment you need to stay comfortable, to deal with changing weather, and to stay warm and hydrated.

When you are meeting and/or walking with others please follow safety guidelines with respect to minimising any risk of the transmission of Covid-19. Guidelines from Cumbria County Council are outlined here.