Rachel Capovila: My Artful Way

A paper boat sits on a stone in a dock area with seaweed around.

“I grew up in a Victorian Terrace overlooking Buccleuch Dock and spent my time playing in the urban and wild places that we could reach either on foot or bicycle. Exploring these places with my brother and friends were some of the best times of my life!”

Rachel Capovila is a cross-disciplinary artist and producer and is one of the four artists who have been selected for the ‘My Artful Way’ commission.  Rachel’s proposed work will be based around Piel Island in Barrow-in-Furness. She will explore the area by foot and by boat, visiting the castle, the beaches and The Ship Inn, meeting people along the way whilst mapping her route.

Rachel will capture her interactions with people, landscape and cultural elements through audio and film and is planning a multi-sensory installation with a mingle of sound and visuals, representing the journey to Piel Island. She will also create a zine to hand out to people she meets along the way, encouraging them to take part in the wider Artful Ways project.

Rachel is from and based in Barrow-in-Furness and spent part of her childhood in her Dad’s home country – Argentina, before the family came back to Barrow. She studied textiles and fine art, has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and works as an arts facilitator and producer. Rachel’s work is process-led and encompasses participatory art, film, photography and textiles. Her practice often explores memory, place and finding the links that connect us all. 

Submerged: Installation, Rachel Capovila

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