Chris Hurford

Chris joined a walk led by the team at The Studio Morland, in the Eden Valley, and found inspiration from insects …

“On the walk from Morland, we discovered wild flowers that between us we managed to identify; butterbur en masse by the stream;  a monster made of willow;  intricate curved ends to railings across a bridge made for “the big house”;  tangles of ivy on the overgrown walled garden that now no one seems to care for; a ball of bees hanging from a branch – a swarm looking for a new home; heard a story of Jack the boggart who lived under a bridge we were about to cross!

We saw very red mud, tree reflections in a stream, quietness along a footpath in a tree tunnel, and had cake at the end.

On the fur of a dead rabbit plucked by some other animal or bird, I saw a fly which had a bright green body that shone out in the sunshine. Not one of the many black flies but a green bottle fly. They are not rare but it was good to look closely at the iridescent colour. Nearby, crossing a stream was a blue damselfly and on cow parsley, some orange beetles.

So many insects are so small we barely notice them or they are so annoying we flick them away – but many are wonders of creation, strong but delicate wings, large eyes, wonderful armour, spikes and hairs, sometimes brightly coloured on top or hidden underneath.

I have made ceramic forms inspired by these insects, something of the shape and movement and colour. Heights between 700mm and 900mm. I have several and in the process of making new ones that will be black.

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