Maisy Drew

I was inspired to create these pieces because since the beginning of lockdown I, like a lot of people, have found a lot of comfort in my immediate natural environment. Since then, bird watching has been a huge part of my life, whether it’s finding joy in watching the swallows that I see on my commute or noticing a cloud of long tailed tits bouncing through the woodland on a walk. These pieces are particularly special to me since I’ve reconnected with my love of art. 

I chose to walk alone for my Artful Ways walk because I love to hone into the small details like identifying birds and chasing butterflies and it can take me hours to get anywhere! I brought my camera with me and caught some great shots to inspire my creative work. 

During all of the Covid lockdowns I have been on furlough which meant that my busy life had to slow down. I’ve always been a creative person and enjoyed painting at school but of course once I started university, then working full time and housework, I eventually stopped painting. That’s the opportunity that Covid 19 opened for me, connecting with nature by learning bird calls and reconnecting with my creative side.

Being creative again has opened new forms of quality connectivity with friends and family as well as I send them hand-painted cards and in turn they are interested in the wildlife I paint and have started noticing the wildlife around them and taking videos and pictures for me to identify for them. I believe that this is also the answer to taking better care of the environment, once we make our connection with nature we become more mindful of it!

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  1. Mary Skinner says:

    They are absolutely beautiful Maisy and your words are inspiring. So pleased you have had the chance to use your talents.

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