Martin Evans

When thinking about a walk, I wanted to make sure the walk meant something to me. I decided to walk Carlisle’s green spaces because during the Covid-19 pandemic they have played a very important part in keeping my creativity going.

In the early days of lockdown, I really struggled for inspiration, but I soon found it closer to home than I have previously. Carlisle’s parks and paths are such an important part of the city. I walk my dog through them, I run through them, and meet friends in them. They are really beautiful and inspiring. My walk took me along the public path at Stoneyholme Golf course into Rickerby park along the river Eden and into Bitts park, then back through the new nature reserve at Swifts.

I made 4 sketches along my journey which then informed this painting completed in my studio. My aim was to try and capture the beauty of Carlisle’s green spaces with the energy and colour that I saw on my walk.This piece ‘River Eden (Rickerby Park)’ is 50 x 20 cm acrylic on canvas.

Answering the three Artful questions

Creativity and Culture are so important for wellbeing, and plays a part in so many aspects of our lives. I need creativity to keep me thinking & exploring, problem solving and moving forward.

During lockdown I really missed travelling and seeing new places. I take a lot of my inspiration from landscapes in Cumbria but lockdown also gave me chance to practice new techniques and push myself in ways I might not have done otherwise. Portraiture for example. The hunger for art and creativity grew during the pandemic and that was fantastic to see.

Art has an important part to play in highlighting the need to protect our environment and the spaces around us. There is no better example of this than the ‘Driggsby, a Whale’s Tale’ book and exhibition at Tullie House. This project with local schools during the pandemic, tells the story of Driggsby the Whale, highlighting the need to protect our seas in a fun, colourful and imaginative way.

As a landscape painter, I hope that I have a small part to play in highlighting the beauty of our landscapes, be they city parks or mountain ranges. We need to look after them so future generations can continue to be inspired.

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