Rosemary and Anthony Cantwell

Rosemary and Anthony Cantwell have not been able to take a walk but have used Artful Ways as an opportunity to reflect on their family history in Cumbria, and their own memories. Working from their own photographs, they have used digital techniques to produce new images.

“We have now begun in earnest to harness our creativity, together with current events. One thing that this has made me realise is that the internet itself is a highway, and by navigating this we can go from coast to lake, from sea to Troutbeck, and onto mountain tops. All can be through the imagination – so that abstract art can enable people to see for themselves what they want to interpret. There is no right or wrong.

Where inspiration comes is from our heritage, our education, our families, the society in which we live, broadcasting, internet and all types of communication. Some of it is passive and some is chosen, as we absorb from our surroundings things which we may then take for granted until someone points it out to us.”

Snow and Tarns

Answering the three Artful questions

As to the answers to the 3 questions … The issues recently at Kew Gardens with John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, made it clear that people have little time in which to save the world from disaster. He specifically mentioned COP26 to be held in Glasgow in November this year.

Your 3 themes do have relevance here and we have been inspired to respond to these questions through our work, mindful of the wider scope of worldwide environmental concerns. Think Global, Act Local as the mantra goes!

We need creativity to sort out the mess the world has got itself into.

‘Peace’ inspired by William and Dorothy Wordsworth’s garden

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